The Coaching Experience: Searching for myself!

This girl

For a long time, I have always been clear on what I want to do with my life. Setting my vision and goals from an early age, the last thing I thought I would need was a coach. As my career progressed, they are processes that I went through that helped me define who I wanted to be ; a campaign strategist. This came to being because I fell in love with campaigns simply because they made my working life easy and I found them to be more impactiful that the normal programmng routine. Having set all this, the next thing was to establish a project. At that point, with the pressures comming up with the new project I had set up, I realized that I didn’t know this girl who had decided to call herself the campaign strategist. All of a sudden there was a lot of conflict within me. Perhaps my A type personality had taken it’s toll (even though I felt I wrongly assumed that it would take me to greater heights and make me an achiever) The question which haunted me was-what could have gone wrong for such a seemingly vibrant young girl who had it all together ,(at least to the outside world)?. I just couldn’t place the source of conflict.

Two women in one
They are things I have mastered in my life , things that I do well such as my writing ,reading and my work. However reflecting on the conflict within me made me realize that behind that prowess there is fragile girl dying to come out as positively vulnerable to a lot of experiences around her. I am not always strong, driven and daring . They are times when I have to struggle to put a brave face in the struggles which life presents time and again. Coming to terms with this has not been an easy process,it has just been necessary. My search for balance has propelled me to reflect on a lot of things lately and I feel I need to step up to get to know my self better. I progressively realize with each day that  the Nyasha who goes to work and the Nyasha who is at home is different.  If I can connect that, then perhaps maybe I can sail through as I evision a better future for myself and for the women I work with.

To discover that was quite a red flag for me. It appears as if there is need to bring in some kind of alignment on board in my life , which confirms that perhaps what I am searching for is not balance but alignment maybe. It is that need for alignment that has motivated me to go through a coaching process in the next 12 months of my life.
The Coaching Experience
The inception of the coaching was greatly insightful for me as I had thge opportunity to explore my personaliity type in wake of the conflict which I am going through. For thge first time I am reflecting on everything around me focusing on the self and to try and synchronize the value which I give to my family and my work. I have also decided to lay down the rule of self care in my life. I need to take care of myself and become more self aware of the things I can do without straining myself . In other words, I am searching for a better relationship with myself in order to build good ones out there.