Writing for Women's Development

We are tired too…

A few days ago I emailed my colleagues in DRC offering messages of support in wake of the attempted murder of DR Mukwege, a man I respect and honour for the work he has done in giving life to the women who have suffered sexualized violence in DRC. Eagerly, I waited for my friends to respond to my email and give some sort of assurance that somehow they were managing and they were okay. So I in the midst of my hectic schedule I kept checking mail until today.
When I go through posts, blogs of women who are working to advance the rights of women in difficult circumstances usually I get the impression that these feminist heroes are doing well and they are coping. I even go further to envy them for their courage to work in such trying environments. It’s almost as if these women are invincible daring and ready to fight the rebels. But today the email I got made me reflect on a lot of things about war and women working to advance their rights.

I realized that you can never imagine the experience of war unless it has been your lived reality. Perhaps this is the reason why the war has raged on whilst the world is watching. The people who really can make decisions on the DRC Conflict are not on the war front themselves. So I cried to myself wondering why the culture of peace is such an evasive concept for the players in war. We have talked about the DRC war for years and it never ended now there’s Syria. Within me I cried a dry cry today as I tried to imagine what these women are going through. In her mail Marie said she’s tired. I think I am tired too of sending emails in solidarity to these women. I have been doing it for the past two months now I’m beginning to think there’s more that can be done by women of the world to stop war in DRC. Rise,Strike and dance going forward.