The poet in me


I sit wrapped up

Soiling my emotions in a corner

my needy element wanting more

of the liberation that comes from choice

I want to dance and make serious choices at the same time

to lift myself in elated splendor and not think about the low moments of this world

I want to raise my esteem in acceleration,

to teach myself how to dance ,

So i can talk about anything which doesn’t make sense and not be judged

I want to dance on the mountaintop of love

and sit under the shade of the tree of passion

I want my dance to flow together with great rivers

and sway their pride like the Zambezi

oooh letting the whole world see me dance from one hip to the other

moving my feet for the peace of the world

I want

I want

I will not stop wanting to dance

Will you please dance with me ,

Well at least for the sake of brightening up this gloomy world!!

all drained and dreary

yet ready