Quotable Quotes from Machuma


I sit wrapped up

Soiling my emotions in a corner

my needy element wanting more

of the liberation that comes from choice

I want to dance and make serious choices at the same time

to lift myself in elated splendor and not think about the low moments of this world

I want to raise my esteem in acceleration,

to teach myself how to dance ,

So i can talk about anything which doesn’t make sense and not be judged

I want to dance on the mountaintop of love

and sit under the shade of the tree of passion

I want my dance to flow together with great rivers

and sway their pride like the Zambezi

oooh letting the whole world see me dance from one hip to the other

moving my feet for the peace of the world

I want

I want

I will not stop wanting to dance

Will you please dance with me ,

Well at least for the sake of brightening up this gloomy world!!


all drained and dreary

yet ready

Quotable Quotes from Machuma

Your Chance

Your Chance
To those who seem like they don’t have a chance
Its there, Your chance began the day you were born.
It was raised by God himself
Your life is your chance
It is alive , more alive at a point of desperation
It is not awarded by people because its you.
Live whilst you are still alive,
Speak and amplify your voice,
Breathe life into humanity

You can rise at your chance
and be spurred to
Worship to the depth of passion because nothing can stop untapped destiny
Give your chance what you have in this day…Nyasha Sengayi

Quotable Quotes from Machuma


Had quite a serious conversation with my cousin Kirsty today. She is six years old .. she was complaining that her teacher is giving her too much home work and giving her too much to read. So I ask her which books she is reading.. “Imagine I have to read 5 pages of the Sunrise Series Book 2. Thats a lot of work.” I almost laughed but she had a serious look on her face. I didn’t even try it.5 pages of book two probably has less than forty words for her young mind and she thinks its too much. I still think she is really lucky I went through the Day by Day English book . It was torture ..It stole some of my childhood memories and my playtime having to work on the difficult comprehension and big words. So yes I think I understand where she is coming from; School might just not be that cool. I then said to her in any individual’s life once you learn how to read you go to the grave reading. (I don’t think she articulated this statement. I may have to repeat this when she’s older) You read all your life. you just have to choose what you read and the purpose, whether you become an avid reader or not or whether the only thing you will read are price tags in shops and instructions and manuals. The road to literacy does not need to be interesting!!!!

Quotable Quotes from Machuma

Praise Unrestrained

Praise Unrestrained
“Those who love the Lord will rise at their full strength as the sun ,
Mapping worship for the King of Kings.
Let me praise the Lord for his great love
for a little while I suffered but in his infinite mercy he established me and my broken emotions ,yes in that toil I saw hope
Lord for that I’ll will praise you unrestrained;
for you are my word of truth
my passion
my portion

my sustainer,
my song which lifts my soul up,
my love that lasts,
my great high,
my infinite wisdom,
my pure joy,
my comfort in wreck,
my eternal peace,
my inner light,
my spirit filler,
my redeemer,
my time provider,
my fortress,
my favorite high
my cornerstne,
just indescribable ,
yes, you bestow honour for seemingly invisible,
you raise a starndard for those without honour,
you lift toil from the shoulders of the burdened,
you oh Lord,you touch where its bruised with healing,
you are the ultimate healer,
you Jehovah, have moved me to high places I shall not want,
you’ve made me a city on a hill,
you are worthy of all genuine worship”