Include my voice

Xenophobia by Takura O Theo Mambonde

utter madness, utter madness
Dressed in animal skin so he spoke like one
Howling words of hurt; we are hurt

Reckless utterances by a semi-dressed king
The nakedness reflecting mental nudity
Devoid of sound judgement; pea brains
Verbal diarrhoea; words spoken without thought
Indlu elikhulu yisikhulumi ukuvuza (the house of a loud mouth leaks)
An army of lions led by a sheep wins not the war
An army of sheep led by a lion wins the war
Chinotanga kuwora pahove musoro!!!!
“It is the head that rots first on a fish”
Ukhasela eziko
The king is an infant crawling to the fireplace
Naked king; Kuhlonishwa kabili
“Respect is two way”
Words spoken by the king buffles the mind
Goodwill Zwelithini without the goodwil
Insumansumane imali yamakhanda.
Zwelithini; what say we?
Ilizwe lithi “Without a leader, black ants are confused.”


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